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Walking downtown

At the wharf

Down at the port, the most popular docking point is the Banchina di riva, from which visitors can admire the massive walls of the castle of Carlo V.  From here, the city centre is just a few hundred metres away and can easily be reached on foot.


Staying in touch

Internet cafés can be found both in the city centre, as well as at the waterfront.


How to get around

After having reached Piazza Pitagora (Pythagoras square), at the centre of the city, it’s best to continue on foot. To get to Capo Colonna and visit the archaeological park, buses don’t run at the most convenient times, so it is recommended to take a taxi, or even perhaps another more original means of transport: the three-wheeled auto rickshaw is certainly a curious and unique way to get around!

The weather

Crotone has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and pleasantly mild autumns and springs. The temperature rarely drops below zero during the wintertime.


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City map




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Crotone, Pythagoras' town
Santa Severina, the "stone ship"
Le Castella, the magic of a castle in the sea

Crotone, with its old town and the Castel of Charles V. Santa Severina, named among the most beautiful Italian villages. San Giovanni in Fiore, famous for its abbey and Gioacchino da Fiore. And finally Le Castella, an ancient fishing village well known for its castle that actually sits on a small isthmus anchored to the shore by a strip of land.

Sea Protected Area

Capo Rizzuto and its marine reserve

In the marine reserve of "Capo Rizzuto" the colour of the sea changes from sky blue to emerald green and the coast is truly spectacular, so rich in history and nature, that in 1991 it was declared a protected marine reserve, covering an area of about 15,000 hectares, which make it the largest in Italy.


Cirò, the wine of the gods

One of the best-known products of the territory is its wine, especially the "D.O.C." Cirò, "wine of the gods", that was proffered to Olympic champions after the games.


Sila, an amazing mountain in the middle of the Mediterranean

The Calabrian mountains can be identified with the vast plateau at the centre of the region, with peaks that hit the 2000-meter mark. The Silan landscape is characterized by the larician pine, a soaring, tall tree that recalls the gentle wilderness of the Alps

Archaeological Sites

Capo Colonna, breathing Magna Graecia

A number of traces bear witness to the Magna Graecia period, possibly the most fruitful that Crotone has ever known, and during which the mathematician Pythagoras selected the city as the site for his school: the Capocolonna Archaeological Park.

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    Crotone, with its old town and the ...
  • Sea Protected Area

    In the marine reserve of "Capo Rizzuto" ...
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    One of the best-known ...
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    The Calabrian mountains can be ...
  • Archaeological Sites

    A number of traces bear witness to...

Sea Protected Area

Sila National Park

Crotone Tourism Info